City Pages Comix Issue 2018

December 6, 2018 athena 0

This August, I was excited to contribute a comic to the annual City Pages’ Comix Issue again. You may remember the comic I did last year, for their “Summer of […]

Dog of My Dreams

February 14, 2018 athena 0

In honor of Valentines Day, here is a little comic about how Jason and I came to adopt our dog, Wilma. She was wearing a cone because she’d just had […]

Mediocre Cats

November 29, 2017 athena 0

Hello there! How are you? It’s been a real busy couple of months. On September 12, Jason and I closed on our house. Since then, most of our spare time […]

Still Alive

August 17, 2017 athena 0

Here’s a little snippet of overheard conversation from the Wisconsin cabin trip Jason and I just took. We stopped at a big antique shop in Cumberland. More taxidermy per square […]

Get Another Cat

July 14, 2017 athena 0

My sister and her husband recently moved into their very first house. It is very exciting (if also bittersweet, as they are no longer just two blocks away). Jason and […]

My Favorite Murder: Episode 58

March 29, 2017 athena 0

Guys! It’s been a whole seven months since the last one, but I made another My Favorite Murder comic! This time drawn digitally, with more cheekbone and button nose. : […]

Texts with Goldfeather

March 13, 2017 athena 0

Happy Monday! Here is an “inside joke” type comic for which I make no apologies, because it made me laugh like a goofy Middle Schooler when it happened. There really […]

Most Days

March 3, 2017 athena 0

Maybe this comic is super dark, maybe it’s how half of the world feels most days. Maybe both! Who can say for sure. Whether or not apocalypse is on the […]

Still Married

December 7, 2016 athena 0

Jason and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary in October. (Here is the mini-comic I made for our wedding program.) As he enjoys telling people now, we are “still […]