Rondo Avenue Commercial Corridor

August 10, 2018 athena 0

Many Twin Cities residents have heard of Rondo. If you’re not from the area, here’s a quick summary from MinnPost: St. Paul’s Rondo neighborhood ran roughly between University Avenue to […]

Cover Process: Relapse

August 8, 2018 athena 0

My favorite book design projects are often those with a sense of the tactile. So it’s always a treat when I work with an author who is interested in featuring […]

Picnic on the River Gorge

August 2, 2018 athena 0

This spring, a client reached out to me about an exciting local project for which she needed a designer: a map of picnic sites around the river gorge in downtown […]

T1 Everywhere

May 9, 2018 athena 0

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Gee, I wonder if there are any t-shirts out there with slogans pertaining to urban planning and economic development?” Well, WONDER NO MORE. At […]

Map Of My Yard

May 4, 2018 athena 0

I celebrated my birthday recently. Old lady that I am, I spent the day buying plant pots, separating and repotting aloes, and—with Jason’s help—measuring every inch of our yard, so […]

Yoga Every Day

May 2, 2018 athena 0

Hello, lovely readers of The Marjorie! I’ve been away for a while. The last two months, I’ve found myself hashtag blessedly overwhelmed with freelance work, which has been SO much […]


February 27, 2018 athena 0

Some friends of ours have a very sweet dog named Oskar who had surgery last week and is now in recovery at home. I drew this picture of beautiful Oskar […]

Children’s Book Illustrations

February 16, 2018 athena 0

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try out a new illustration style for some sample children’s book pages for a client. As I mentioned recently, coming from […]

Dog of My Dreams

February 14, 2018 athena 0

In honor of Valentines Day, here is a little comic about how Jason and I came to adopt our dog, Wilma. She was wearing a cone because she’d just had […]