Listen and Burn

August 28, 2017 athena 0

EXCITING NEWS! I have a new book coming out. It’s called Listen and Burn, and it will debut at Twin Cities Zine Fest on September 30th. This book collects recent […]

Still Alive

August 17, 2017 athena 0

Here’s a little snippet of overheard conversation from the Wisconsin cabin trip Jason and I just took. We stopped at a big antique shop in Cumberland. More taxidermy per square […]

Apartment Floor Plan

August 11, 2017 athena 0

Back when Jason and I were hot on the house hunt, and trying to get a better sense of square feet (how small is too small? how does this house […]

BRB: Cabin Time

August 1, 2017 athena 0

Jason and I are about to head to a cabin! We’re driving to his parents’ house after work on Wednesday; we’ll spend a night with them, and then head further […]