Lately I find myself lusting after beauty products and other fancy, luxurious, girly things. I think that what I really want is a long vacation——somewhere remote, beautiful, and extremely relaxing. Since I don’t have a vacation like that on the horizon, I’ve settled on these material goods instead. Products that my oh-so-susceptible-to-marketing brain believes will magically make me feel refreshed and well-rested and lovely.

I mean, I guess a few of these things are practical. I really do need new socks and running shoes. Also, I actually already own a couple of these things? Like, I have a bottle of face mask that I like, and my O.P.I. Nail Envy is really great. And goodness knows I have plenty of makeup. In any event, I’ve taken a cue from Hchom and illustrated my current want list. Behold: