Notaro, Hawkins, Ellis

November 30, 2016 athena 0

It’s almost December, so we’re getting real close to the end of this reading list. But today, here are three more: If you have been living under a rock and […]

A Bag Over Her Head

November 28, 2016 athena 0

Today’s comic comes from an exchange between cartoonists Nicole J Georges and Liz Prince, from episode four of Georges’ podcast, Sagittarian Matters. I recontextualized it a bit for the purpose […]

Kiss and Makeup

November 25, 2016 athena 0

Here is another pattern! Pink and girly and fittingly focused on consumer goods for today, this shopping day of all shopping days. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday. […]

Taylor, Baldwin, Caspary

November 21, 2016 athena 0

I said that I was going to keep reading the Feminist Press’ Femme Fatales series, and I am a woman of my word. I read a bunch of them this […]

Unsworth, Doughty, West

November 16, 2016 athena 0

Here are three more books I read in 2016, by three intelligent, fascinating writers, all of them female. Emma Jane Unsworth’s Animals came to my attention because it is an […]

Bubble Bath

November 14, 2016 athena 0

I had last Wednesday’s book cover post scheduled prior to what went down on Tuesday. As it turned out, I was thinking very little about books, or art, or any […]

Ellis, Murakami, Jaffe

November 7, 2016 athena 0

I mentioned last time that I primarily read books by women, but now here are two by men. And in fact, I’ve read quite a few books by both of […]