East York St, Savannah GA

July 31, 2015 athena 0

This was our second Savannah apartment. A carriage house, over a hundred years old, right off of Oglethorpe Square. I saw the Owens-Thomas House every morning when I walked through […]

Stress Signals

July 29, 2015 athena 0

A caveat: the comic below is old, from June of 2012. And I haven’t run 13.5 miles since that summer. But the sentiments expressed apply strongly to my last week […]

West 42nd St, Savannah GA

July 27, 2015 athena 0

This is the first (of two) apartments that Jason and I lived in during our time in Savannah. It was also the first apartment we ever lived in together, cosigned […]

Dayton Ave, St Paul

July 24, 2015 athena 0

Within two and a half tiny rooms in this house is the first (and, it would appear, only) apartment in which I ever lived completely by myself. It was small […]

Phoebe’s Rooms

July 22, 2015 athena 0

My sister Phoebe made these beautiful tiny rooms as part of her senior thesis in college. I love them; I never get tired of looking at them. I expect you […]

Laurel Ave, St Paul

July 15, 2015 athena 0

This is a house I lived in with two friends from high school for a summer when I was in college. During the week, I’d read webcomics, draw Action Athena […]

Camping Camping Camping

July 10, 2015 athena 0

This afternoon I leave for a weekend of camping fun in the wilds of Wisconsin. This image is a pretty solid interpretation of how I feel about that:

Ulysses St, NE Minneapolis

July 8, 2015 athena 0

Here it comes: the second house in the series. This one is on Ulysses St in Northeast. Northeast has a bunch of presidential streets in chronological order; they’re almost all […]