Opting Out

May 24, 2017 athena 0

Jason and I began house hunting at the beginning of March. Last week, we gave up. During the time we were looking, we saw nineteen houses, and made offers on […]

Speaking at Hampshire College

April 18, 2017 athena 0

Last week, I flew to Massachusetts to speak about comics at my alma mater, Hampshire College. Also speaking was fellow cartoonist and Hampshire alum Melissa Mendes. Here is the poster […]

2016 Year in Review

December 30, 2016 athena 0

Last December, I did a 2015 Year in Review post. It was fun, so I’m doing it again for 2016. 2016 was, in so many ways, a terrible year. I’m […]

No Children

October 17, 2016 athena 0

I don’t want children. I have known this since I was a child myself, but the certainty with which I speak about it to others has varied. Sometimes I have […]

Doesn’t Matter Whose Dream

September 12, 2016 athena 0

Nature is ominous in the world of Megan Abbott. Whether it’s a black, polluted lake (The Fever), or an infestation of bagworms in a walnut tree (You Will Know Me), […]


August 22, 2016 athena 1

I’m a person who thinks most information should be public. Salaries, for instance. I like to know what’s going on, and I think others deserve to know, too. The number […]

Disrupted Routine

August 5, 2016 athena 1

My employment situation is about to change dramatically. For me and for all of my coworkers. Small company acquired by bigger company. Layoffs across the board. It is a common […]

Hungry Girls

July 20, 2016 athena 2

I’ve had trouble sleeping lately. It’s stress. It will pass. In the meantime, I’m turning to an old relaxation exercise for help. It’s an adaptation of a trick I picked […]