New House Floor Plan

August 31, 2017 athena 0

So I’ve got some news: Jason and I bought a house. After several months of fruitless searching in the spring, we took a break. Recently, we started looking again, and…boom! […]

Apartment Floor Plan

August 11, 2017 athena 0

Back when Jason and I were hot on the house hunt, and trying to get a better sense of square feet (how small is too small? how does this house […]

Saint Paul Coffee Houses

July 24, 2017 athena 0

It’s Monday! To help perk you up, here’s a new illustrated map featuring a dozen of Saint Paul’s finest coffee houses. Do you know of another great coffee shop in […]

Minneapolis Taproom Map

July 10, 2017 athena 0

Breweries and lakes: Minneapolis has quite a few. My illustrated map below features both. (If you want to get into numbers: there are 32 taprooms on this map. Wikipedia tells […]

Mapping Minneapolis

July 7, 2017 athena 0

I’m working on a new map right now. Like all my illustrated maps, it’s a compulsive sort of project—and a fun one! I’ve been having a lovely, pleasantly busy summer […]

Saint Paul Taprooms Map (Updated)

May 22, 2017 athena 0

Last June, I created an illustrated map of Saint Paul’s taprooms. In the year since then, there’s been an exciting addition to the list: BlackStack Brewing. And more new taprooms […]

Saint Paul Taprooms Map

June 8, 2016 athena 2

Did you know that there are a lot of breweries in the Twin Cities? It’s true! The Growler Mag has put together a great map of them. While Minneapolis is […]

Lake Monster

June 6, 2016 athena 2

It never seems right to say “happy Monday,” but today I will try it out anyway: Happy Monday! I packed quite a bit into the weekend. There was a lot […]