Spring Hounds

May 8, 2015 athena 0

I realize it’s been less than two weeks since the last time I mentioned greyhounds, but here’s the thing: 1) I’m going to have a table at Spring Con (aka […]

I’ve Got My Philosophy

May 6, 2015 athena 0

Last summer I had the supreme priviledge of working as a production assistant for Kevin Cannon on The Cartoon Introduction to Philosophy, a new nonfiction graphic novel by Cannon and […]

The Neighborhood

May 4, 2015 athena 1

Here’s a little map of some of the nice parks and restaurants and whatnot in my neighborhood. Northeast might be my first love, but living so close to some lakes […]


May 1, 2015 athena 0

My birthday was last week. It was a work day, and happened to be the day of a sexual harassment prevention training. That might sound like a poor way to […]

Her Name Is Olive Oil

April 29, 2015 athena 1

If there were tags on this site, I guess one of them would be “strange animals I have pet.” Last week I had the pleasure of meeting an enormous rabbit […]

Greyhounds of Kings

April 27, 2015 athena 0

Last time I was at King’s I saw a beautiful pair of greyhounds, and shamelessly went over to pet them as if I was a small child and not a […]

Safety Not Guaranteed

April 24, 2015 athena 0

Last weekend Jason and I went for a bike ride through Minneapolis. We rode from South Minneapolis through Downtown, stopping at Big Brain Comics and continuing into Northeast for an […]

Lesley Kinzel

April 20, 2015 athena 0

Jason and I are working through Season 4 of Louie, and we just watched episode 3, So Did The Fat Lady. It was unexpected and exciting to see the show […]

Books Read: 2014

April 17, 2015 athena 0

My combined love of book covers and fixation with recording things compelled me to make this illustration of the 50 books I read in 2014. ┬áTo see it bigger, click […]