Mediocre Cats

November 29, 2017 athena 0

Hello there! How are you? It’s been a real busy couple of months. On September 12, Jason and I closed on our house. Since then, most of our spare time […]

Performing in Mortified

October 9, 2017 athena 0

This Saturday, you can find me at Amsterdam in downtown Saint Paul, performing in Mortified, a live show where adults read selections from their most embarrassing childhood and teenage artifacts […]

Larsson, Jacques, Torres

September 22, 2017 athena 0

Here are three more illustrated book covers from my 2017 reading list. Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (this was a reread, duh), Juliet Jacques’ Trans: A Memoir, […]

Singer, Caspary, Marnell

September 20, 2017 athena 0

Here are another three book covers from my 2017 reading list. Jasmin Singer’s Always Too Much and Never Enough, Vera Caspary’s The Man Who Loved His Wife, and Cat Marnell’s […]

Metz, Caldwell, Scherm

September 18, 2017 athena 0

Holy cow! Last Tuesday Jason and I bought a house. The week before that, we flew to Portland for a wedding. The week before that, we drove to Duluth for […]

New House Floor Plan

August 31, 2017 athena 0

So I’ve got some news: Jason and I bought a house. After several months of fruitless searching in the spring, we took a break. Recently, we started looking again, and…boom! […]

Listen and Burn

August 28, 2017 athena 0

EXCITING NEWS! I have a new book coming out. It’s called Listen and Burn, and it will debut at Twin Cities Zine Fest on September 30th. This book collects recent […]

Business Cards

August 25, 2017 athena 0

I recently created some business cards to hand out at upcoming festivals. I’ll be tabling at Twin Cities Zine Fest on Saturday September 30th, at the Minnesota Center for Book […]

Still Alive

August 17, 2017 athena 0

Here’s a little snippet of overheard conversation from the Wisconsin cabin trip Jason and I just took. We stopped at a big antique shop in Cumberland. More taxidermy per square […]