93rd Academy Awards

After two successful Oscar parties in a row, I looked forward to continuing the tradition this year, but as you are likely aware, Things Have Happened. In light of The Things, the Academy has moved this year’s ceremony from its usual early February date to Sunday April 25, 7pm CST.

Based on the pace of the vaccine rollout, I don’t know whether any kind of Oscar party is feasible this year (maybe something very small, in a backyard, with a projector?), but I will be watching the ceremony regardless.

Clearly, it’s been a bizarre year for movies, which has made for a unique group of nominees. While there are a few stinkers, there are also a lot of genuinely cool, weird nominations that likely wouldn’t have happened in a “normal” year. It’s also the most diverse Oscar list ever, and the first year in history with two women nominated for Best Director.

With thirty days to go, I’ve still got a lot of movies to catch up on. For anyone in the same boat, feel free to download this handy ballot I designed. (I also created a gigantic Google spreadsheet of everything but if you want that, you’re gonna have to email me directly, because it’s too embarrassing to post here.)