Map Of My Yard

I celebrated my birthday recently. Old lady that I am, I spent the day buying plant pots, separating and repotting aloes, and—with Jason’s help—measuring every inch of our yard, so that I could make a compulsively accurate map of it in InDesign.

As it stands, our yard has zero landscaping. No flowers, no bushes. Not even some hostas scattered around the foundation. I’m no master gardener, but I’m excited to plant a few basic (hopefully low-maintenance) plants to make the yard prettier. I wanted to make a map first so that I can try out different possibilities for garden placement (much the way I used my house floor plan to try various furniture arrangements).

Since making this map, I’ve already acquired some bushes and a crabapple tree (birthday gifts from my mom). And I’ve got another tree coming soon, via the Minneapolis Tree Trust. Wish me and my latent green thumb luck!