Yoga Every Day

Hello, lovely readers of The Marjorie! I’ve been away for a while. The last two months, I’ve found myself hashtag blessedly overwhelmed with freelance work, which has been SO much fun, but has left less time to keep up with The Marjorie. But I’m back!

Today I wanted to write a little bit about something other than my art. Rather, a recently developed habit that helps to support it. Yoga! I have practiced yoga on and off for the last several years, but decided to get more serious about it in 2018. So far this year, I have done yoga every single day. The amount per day varies from as little as ten minutes up to an hour. Usually it’s twenty-something minutes. I have never thought of myself as a “yoga” person, and in fact, I am extremely inflexible. In gym classes growing up, I was always the girl least capable of touching my toes in the yearly fitness tests.

And yet! Over the last four months, my flexibility has begun to improve. More importantly, my body feels significantly less achey and “old.” So, “yoga person” or not, I’m gonna stick with it. To any other cartoonist (or frankly, anyone with a desk job) who is curious about giving yoga a try, I strongly recommend the many, many free videos on the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel. I started January with her 30-day TRUE series, and have been keeping up with her calendar ever since.

Here are some illustrations of me in forward fold and downward dog (with far more flexibility than I possess in real life):