Currier, Currier, Emmons

Today is my final post featuring trios of books from my 2017 reading list. I’ll post the full list later this week. It should not come as a surprise that two of the books I read this year were written by my own parents (because I secretly designed and published them as a Christmas gift). In addition to Sarah Currier’s Elephants, Aunts, and the Moon and Ross Currier’s Meeting at Dabbs House, I also read (actually, it was a reread) another book by a local author: Henry Emmons’ The Chemistry of Joy.

I’ve already written about my parents’ books here on The Marjorie. Reading and designing them was a highlight of my year. As for The Chemistry of Joy: I read it for the first time while completing my MFA at SCAD. As I neared the end of that program, the long hours really caught up with me, and I looked for tools to help me de-stress. I’d heard about Emmons’ book because he lives in my hometown (Northfield, Minnesota). It was exactly what I needed. This fall, as I moved into a new house and began a new chapter in my career, I wanted to be proactive about staying happy and balanced. Rereading The Chemistry of Joy was a helpful part of that.