Singer, Caspary, Marnell

Here are another three book covers from my 2017 reading list. Jasmin Singer’s Always Too Much and Never Enough, Vera Caspary’s The Man Who Loved His Wife, and Cat Marnell’s How to Murder Your Life.

Singer’s memoir covers a whole range of stuff relating to food, bodies, identity, and animal rights in a voice that is direct and intimate.

Caspary, you may remember, has showed up on this website previously. In 2016, I read two of her books: Laura and Bedelia. The Man Who Loved His Wife was just as good as those. It was very much one of those books that compelled me to keep reading lines aloud to Jason as I went through it.

And then there’s Cat Marnell! Oh man! So many extreme thing have been said and written about Marnell, it’s hard to know what to add. But I will say that I always liked her writing on xojane. Her style has a way of making me fly through three thousand words about, ostensibly, like, nail polish, fascinated and entertained through every second of it. I really liked her book.