Metz, Caldwell, Scherm

Holy cow! Last Tuesday Jason and I bought a house. The week before that, we flew to Portland for a wedding. The week before that, we drove to Duluth for a different wedding. And I’m about to publish a book. And I’m tabling at Zine Fest in a couple weeks. And performing in Mortified a couple weeks after that. Combine all that with some major family and work events, and you’ll have an idea of our August and September. We’ve been busy!

But I did manage to draw a few book covers. Below are three books I read in 2017. (Longtime readers will remember I do this every year: 2014, 2015, and 2016.)

Perfection was a fascinating topic for a memoir, and there were elements of this book that were very interesting, but the overall execution/structure left me a little dissatisfied. I’ll Tell You in Person was, as the title suggests, warm and personable and a lot of fun. Unbecoming was straight up incredible. Seriously, go get a copy this instant. It’s like nothing else I’ve read this year.