Apartment Floor Plan

Back when Jason and I were hot on the house hunt, and trying to get a better sense of square feet (how small is too small? how does this house compare to where we live right now? etc.), I created a floor plan of our current apartment. I’ve done this for every apartment I’ve lived in, but this one was especially detailed.

It would be hard to overstate how soothing I find a project like this. It activates the same parts of my brain as when I’m creating an illustrated map. There’s something so satisfying about getting the proportions right, fitting all the pieces together. And more than that, I find comfort in knowing that I’ll have that floor plan forever, saved in my files, to look back on long after I no longer live in that place.

It’s very possible that no one else finds this interesting…but I’m sharing it anyway! Behold, the floor plan of my apartment: