Retail Therapy

I spent the last ten days going down a rabbit hole of website updates. As you may have already noticed, I made some minor changes to The Marjorie. It is now a lot more mobile-friendly, which is great! I am kind of set in my ways, and still prefer to read blogs on my computer most of the time, but probably a lot of you prefer to read blogs on your phones. Now, you can read this one that way more conveniently.

I also updated the shop page. Two big changes there: my Society 6 store is now FILLED with cool items covered in my patterns. Want the Danger Purse pattern on a phone case? You got it. Want the dessert pattern on a comforter? No problem.

The other big addition to the shop is my book, Fear and Transportation. It is finally available for sale online! As you may remember, I published this book last May. I’ve been selling it at conventions since then, but now I am selling it online as well. I am very pleased with this book. I think you will be, too.