Rise and Resist

Lacy J Davis and Holly Noll are two badasses who, among other things, are vegans, weightlifters, and feminists. Together, they host a podcast about those things. It’s called Rise and Resist.

I am not a vegan. But I am a vegetarian, born and raised, thanks to the hippie parents who named my sister and me after Greek goddesses. (Nope, I’ve never eaten a hamburger made from a cow, or a hot dog made from whatever meat product hot dogs consist of.)

I’m also not a weightlifter. But exercise is an important part of my life. Many years ago, I ran a couple half marathons. These days, I rotate between moderate running, moderate weightlifting, and yoga.

Despite being a less extreme version of two of the things Rise and Resist is all about, I love this podcast SO MUCH. I find myself telling friends, “so I heard this awesome thing on that vegan weightlifting lady podcast…” I love how positive and inclusive Lacy and Holly are, and how thoughtful they are about the topics they explore.

Holly and her partner, Ed, co-own a gym in Oakland called NewEthic. She also owns FitQuick, a company that produces vegan protein pancake mixes that come in incredible-sounding flavors (birthday cake! pizza!). Lacy and her partner, cartoonist Jim Kettner, co-host another great podcast, Adult Crash. They are also working together on a graphic novel, Ink in Water. Also, Lacy is on her way to owning her own gym in Portland, Liberation Barbell.

Are you impressed yet?? Seriously, the entrepreneurship skills and drive these two women have is unbelievable. Listening to an episode of their podcast always leaves me feeling pumped up, and more optimistic about the world. I strongly suggest you check it out, even if you are not a weightlifting vegan. (Though after listening for awhile, you may find yourself considering giving both of those things a try.)

Anyway, here is some Rise and Resist fan art I made: