Graphic Design For Christmas

Hello friends! I know we are more than a week into January, and you’re probably thinking, “Holidays? What are those? Who needs ’em!” And honestly, I am inclined to agree with you. But first, I just want to share these homemade “gift certificates” I made for Jason’s family. We had our Christmas celebration on Saturday. We started with coffee and treats at Jason’s sister’s apartment, followed by a tour of Indeed Brewing (which I highly recommend), and finished it up with bánh mì bowls and dice games at our apartment. It was a lot of fun. I feel like I got really, really lucky to have those folks as my family-in-law.

In that spirit, below are the cards I designed. Please note: if anyone thinks these gifts are extravagant, I want you to know that Jason and I have been REALLY MISERABLY BAD at giving gifts in years past. But here we are, two old-ass adults with two decent jobs, and last year our families gave us lots of gifts (as well as their time!) for our wedding. So we felt like some nicer Christmas gifts were overdue.