Spy Kit

August 31, 2016 athena 0

New pattern! This one is inspired by The Americans, which Jason and I recently began watching. I’m enjoying it a lot, and not just because of how great Keri Russell […]

Cabin Time

August 29, 2016 athena 0

I thought this comic would go up on Friday, but it is going up today. What that means is that I am now less than a week away from cabin […]

Pick Your Battles

August 17, 2016 athena 0

The topic of today’s comic is something I’ve been thinking about a lot. The way it can be hard to judge whether you’ve gotten better at something when progress is […]

Conventions Coming Up

August 10, 2016 athena 0

Friends! I’m excited to tell you that I will be at not one, not two, but THREE conventions this fall. First up in September is the incomparable SPX. I won’t […]