Saint Paul Taprooms Map

Did you know that there are a lot of breweries in the Twin Cities? It’s true! The Growler Mag has put together a great map of them.

While Minneapolis is home to a greater quantity (the list on BeerAdvocate currently puts the number in the upper twenties), and some of the more widely-known ones (Surly, Indeed, etc.), Saint Paul’s brewery scene is quite impressive as well.

The map below features all eleven of the taprooms currently operating in Saint Paul. All of these offer beer; many offer tours and rotating food trucks as well. To date, I have visited five of these. Clearly I have some more drinking to do!

(Note: click on the image to view a larger version.)


Bad Weather Brewing Company — 414 7th St W, Saint Paul
Bang Brewing Company — 2320 Capp Rd, Saint Paul
Burning Brothers Brewing — 1750 Thomas Ave, Saint Paul
Flat Earth Brewing Company — 688 Minnehaha Ave E, Saint Paul
Great Waters Brewing — 426 St. Peter Street, Saint Paul
Lake Monster Brewing — 550 Vandalia St #160, Saint Paul
Sidhe Brewing Company — 990 Payne Ave, Saint Paul
Summit Brewing Company — 910 Montreal Circle, Saint Paul
Tin Whiskers Brewing Company — 125 9th St E, Saint Paul
Urban Growler — 2325 Endicott St, Saint Paul
Wabasha Brewing Co. — 429 Wabasha St S, Saint Paul