Three More

January 25, 2016 athena 0

I drew and designed a lot this weekend! The start of a new map, and a series of cover designs for work. Unfortunately, none of that is in a shareable […]

Another Three Books

January 20, 2016 athena 0

These three are a strange mix! A Shining Affliction is by Hampshire College professor Annie Rogers. I am sorry to say I never took a class with her while there, […]

Process: West 7th Map

January 18, 2016 athena 0

I spent this weekend in the company of a nice husband and a nice German Shorthaired Pointer. My parents were out of town, so Jason and I took care of […]

Three More Books

January 13, 2016 athena 0

Let’s briefly discuss three more of the books I read last year. Slouching Towards Bethlehem was a reread; it’s one of my favorites. Quite possibly among my top five favorite […]

Three Books

January 11, 2016 athena 0

Friends, hello! How is the new year treating you? For me, this first week and a half of 2016 has been interesting and exciting, but much, much busier than I […]