West Seventh Map

December 28, 2015 athena 0

I finished that map I was working on! It is of West Seventh Street in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I chose this neighborhood after asking my dad (who, like me, is […]

2015 Year in Review

December 24, 2015 athena 0

2015 was a big year for me. I didn’t fully realize that until I started making a list, which is kind of the reason I made one. I used to […]

Mapping Progress

December 21, 2015 athena 0

I’m still working on that map I mentioned last week. It’s coming along! Maps are a slow but satisfying kind of art project. I hope you guys will like this […]

Butternut Squash

December 14, 2015 athena 0

I’m in the middle of another illustrated map right now, so I don’t have anything finished to share today. But I can show you a detail, which is more than […]

Maggie Lee

December 7, 2015 athena 0

Maggie Lee was an interesting woman. There’s a lot to read about her online; you could start with her obituary, or this article about the charity auction of her cat […]

Just A Fluke

December 2, 2015 athena 0

Here’s a three-page comic I made in the spring of 2014, about a trip to the Fluke comic convention in Athens, GA. I was able to attend the con with […]