Hello.  My name is Athena.  Maybe some of you were readers of my old webcomic, Action Athena.  If not, you’re welcome to read a few old strips here, or order the book here.  Action Athena ran three days a week for about four and a half years.  I ended it after beginning an MFA program in Savannah, Georgia.  Since graduating from that, I’ve been back in Minnesota, doodling and writing here and there, making money here and there, and wondering when I’d get around to starting a new site.

For that reason, I am happy today to introduce you to The Marjorie.  For more information about the site and its name, check out the about page.  I will be posting something new three days a week, as I did with Action Athena.  Sometimes more text, sometimes more image, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.  I hope you’ll stick around.

Also, I hope you like my Moomin cup.